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Wells Fargo Routing Number Florida: Wells Fargo is one of “Big Four Bank” of the United States and also ranks as second-largest bank in home mortgage servicing and debit cards. It has 70 million customers globally and operating its business in 35 countries. Moreover, there are 8,200 retail branches and 13,000 ATMs active at present. In the Forbes list of Magazine Global 2000, it ranked 7th and 27th on the Fortune 100 list. Let’s know the routing number of such an admiring financial service company.

Wells Fargo Routing Number Florida

Do you know why banks ask for routing numbers while making online bill payment? Routing number is a unique nine digit code for banks and credit unions that serves as a way to identify the financial institution from where transaction is processed. Each financial institution has at least one routing number and can go up to five. In some cases, a financial institution can have more than five routing numbers for different purpose but it depends on the presence of any merger.

Do we need Routing Number?

Routing Number works as an ID for banks and credit union. It is required to transfer money from one to another financial institution. If you don’t want to set up direct deposits, get tax refund, process checks, make wire transfer, then there is no need for routing number.  We all know that how important it is for us to do all these things when having account in any bank so routing numbers matter a lot here. If you will use wrong routing number by mistake, then your U.S. federal or state tax return will be can be rejected.

To find the routing number of any financial institution, you can visit its online portal or you can contact customer care service. Another way is to find it on the bottom of the checks.

What is Wells Fargo Routing Number Florida?

The Wells Fargo Routing Number of Florida region is 063107513. For your convenience, we have provided routing number of several other regions in the table below.

Complete List of Wells Fargo Routing Number

Florida: 063107513


I hope that you are satisfied with the information provided by us. All the routing numbers provided here are up to date. It’s all about Wells Fargo Routing Number Florida

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