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Wells Fargo Routing Number Texas: Wells Fargo is one of the big four bank of United States ranking at fourth after Bank of America at first, Citigroup at second and JP Morgan Chase at third. It’s headquarter is located in San Francisco, California. It is the second largest bank by market capitalization throughout the world and second-largest bank in home mortgage servicing and debit cards.

Wells Fargo  run 12 museums in its corporate buildings including the following regions Charlotte, North Carolina, Denver, Colorado, Des Moines, Iowa, Los Angeles, California, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Phoenix, Arizona, Portland, Oregon, Sacramento, California and San Francisco, California. The museums are known as Wells Fargo History Museum.

Wells Fargo Routing Number Texas

In 1910, American Bankers Association formed a system called as ABA RTN system to facilitate various processes related to checks like ordering, sorting and bundling them. It is a nine digit code assigned by the ABA to financial institutions. Sometimes it is also known as ABA routing number or routing transit number. The main purpose of routing number is to tell in which region or branch, you have opened your account.

How routing number works?

Routing number consist of MICR printed at the bottom left side of checks. If you don’t have check, call customer care service of your bank or credit union to know the required routing number. It is quite easy to locate it on the check. Ensure that you are using right routing number before processing for transaction or else you will lose your money.

What is Wells Fargo Routing Number Texas?

By area and population, Texas is the second largest state in United States and has a lot of attractive places to roam around. Anyways, it is quite great if you opened your account in Texas. The routing number of Well Fargo of Texas region is 121042882. If you want to send any amount of fund or receive tax refund, make payroll payments, now you can do them without any hassle. If you are in some other region, then find your routing number in the table chart below.

State Routing Number

Texas: 111900659


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